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Performance and Leisure

Performance and Leisure


Starting Under Saddle

This program typically consists of 6-8 weeks training by Daniel, it may also include the assistance of our senior riders and handlers in the later weeks.

This programme also includes a thorough handover session with the horse’s owner/future rider.

We do not follow a strict schedule or routine, each horse is worked with as an individual and will move through each step in their own time, from establishing a solid foundation of groundwork, to saddling, introducing the rider, learning ridden aids, and responding correctly to the bridle, becoming confident with new objects and surroundings etc.

Every horse is different and may need to spend more/less time in certain areas of the education process, but our focus is to ensure each horse is as confident, relaxed, responsive, and light as possible.

Further Training / Remedial training

Daniel has re-educated horses with just about every behavioural, ground and ridden issue you can think of, so you can be confident your horse is in good hands. Your horse will be assessed, looking for the cause, not just the symptoms, and a plan will be built from there, time frames for this are varied but can be anywhere from 4-8 weeks. Issues include but are not limited to, rearing, bucking, bolting, float loading and aggressive/defensive behaviour. We have never refused to work with a horse so please don’t be embarrassed or worried about being ‘too naughty’ for Daniel to want to work with.

We also provide handover sessions with owners to try and ensure a successful transition back home.

Daniel is responsible for almost all the training himself, with some assistance from a select team that have been taught and trained in our methods.

We find it’s important for the horses to experience the feel of a different handler/rider during their stay as an important part of their education.