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Breaking In

Here at DPR breaking we take a lot of pride in how exceptionally well educated our horses are. It’s our point of difference. We promise to deliver only the best education and the best of care to the horses entrusted to us. Why is this so important? It’s simple, the better educated the horse – the easier they become to train. Here’s what’s involved:

  • Ground work – Laying the foundation, getting the horse used to the rider, the bridle and saddle.
  • Handling of the legs and feet – We make sure that your horse has had enough handle so that the farrier can attend to them easily.
  • Washing/Hosing – All horses will be hosed off after working and are bathed regularly.
  • Tying up – We teach all our horses to tie up
  • Working under saddle – Horses are ridden in the round yard, out and around the property and on our track in an exercise saddle.
  • Working in company/upsides – We work all our horses’ upsides each other
  • Barrier Education – All yearlings are educated in the barriers
  • Rugs – We ensure your horse is comfortable being rugged – We provide all breakers with suitable rugs, taking weather conditions into account


Pre Training

Pre-training. It’s a very important job. The right conditioning, the right level of fitness, producing a happy horse who’s ready for the track refreshed and relaxed. We offer a variety of options for our resident pre-trainers ranging from the use of our state-of-the-art high-speed treadmill, the 1050m all-weather surface track, or schooling on the flat and over small jumps. There is also a ten-horse walker. The calm farm setting is a great place to kick off your horse’s preparation with plenty of mental and physical stimulation.


Whether a horse needs to freshen up after a long prep or a yearling needs a short break after completing their first stages of education – we offer plenty of paddocks suitable for individual or shared spelling. Spellers are checked and fed twice daily and rugged to suit whether conditions, all paddocks include automatic waters, shelters and natural shade in all paddocks, ¼ – ½ acre in size. Situated on 120 acres of rich grazing.

Re Education  / Education

You may simply want to further your Horse’s existing education, or they may require correctional training. Common behavioral issues include: Reluctance in float loading, rearing, bucking, and other nervous/apprehensive behaviors. There’s no need to settle for a badly-behaved horse, you can get the best out of your relationship by fixing the issues you might be experiencing. DPR provides schooling & re-education for all types of horses. Aggressive enforcement is not practiced here, lasting, long term methods are demonstrated and pursued in a stress-free and calm environment for each horse. Daniel’s team focus on understanding why a horse’s behavior has become dangerous or unpleasant and use tried and tested methods to correct their behavior at its root cause. Our success stories include the likes of Golden Slipper Winner She Will Reign!