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DPR Specialises in the education of horses, priding our selves on making a positive start to each horses’ future.

Our services include:

Breaking in

Usually a four-week process, this is the first step in ridden life. During this time, a horse learns how to respond to guidance so that they can be saddled, learn to respond correctly to aids and become confident enough to accept a rider on their back. Once this is achieved, they learn how to carry a rider and accept their guidance. From here their exposure to their future career can be taught, from working on the track, to working in company and beginning their education in the barriers.

Pre training  

Progressing a horse’s education and continuing to improve its form and way of going is important for every horse. Pre training also allows a horse to properly condition themselves for the more vigorous work involved in racing. Our team focuses on ensuring each horse is working in correct balance, relaxing, and finding rhythm in all work that they do, whether that be track work, schooling in the arena or having a change of scenery out on the trail.


We offer a variety of paddocks to suit the needs of our clients, from individual paddocks with stables to large, shared spelling paddocks with shelter and shade.


Box rest, Small yard rest, Treadmill work are all available here.

Remedial training

For issues such as barrier loading or other behavioural issues. Our success stories include the likes of She Will Reign!


Our facilities allow us to provide nothing short of a haven for Horses and include:

  • A variety of stabling, yards, and paddocks.
  • Round yard
  • Indoor and Outdoor School
  • Training track
  • Direct access to the National Park for Trail riding

Our Clients

Over the past ten years of operation, we have gained support from some of the most respected figures in the industry including: Chris Waller, John Oshea, Cressfield, Torryburn, Champion Thoroughbreds, Proven Thoroughbreds,  Arrowfield and Coolmore Australia.